First of all, Kim looks like she stepped straight out of a styling session at Target, so we can understand why Kanye's not too enthused about date night with his wife ...

Are those stone-washed black Good Americans? And we're sure the thigh-high suede boots are at least $2500 but frankly, they look like a sh*thole. Perhaps the ill-fitting zip-up hoodie is the worse. Is that vintage American Apparel? Good lord, Kim! Get your wardrobe together or beg Monica Rose to come back!!!

Clearly the key to a good marriage with Kanye is looking hot 24/7 and having some seriously on-point fashion. Remember when he reworked her entire wardrobe and made her get rid of half the things in her closet? Well what happened to her hubby stylist? How'd he let Kim get out the door with THIS on?!

Okay, on to Kanye ... is he hating on Kim's clothes or is he nervous about baby #3 or maybe his filet mignon wasn't cooked to perfection? Whatever the case, dude did NOT look too happy last night at Craig's in West Hollywood. Check Yeezy's face as he drives home! That was NOT a successful date night we have a feeling he didn't get any last night once they got home!