Their newest addition is not for sale!

Kim and Kanye have rejected multimillion dollar offers for the first pix of their newborn daughter, TMZ reports. Media outlets and magazines have made it known they're willing to pay anywhere from $1-5 million for the exclusive first glimpse at their third baby, but no amount of money is going to persuade them.

When North and Saint were born, the couple waited two months before sharing their images on social media, so it's likely when we finally set our eyes on the newest West, it will be from Kimmy K's website or Instagram account.

A source told the website that they consider accepting money on their baby's big reveal a "violation of their morals," and it's probably the only time someone from the K clan isn't down to do a deal. We all know Kris Jenner would be all about it to get her ten percent!

Speaking of the momager, she congratulated her daughter and son-in-law on welcoming their baby girl by sending an elaborate pink cake. Cute!

Yeezy isn't letting his expanding family slow him down! In fact, just yesterday the rapper was back at the studio, less than 24 hours after the surrogate gave birth at Cedars-Sinai hospital. Now that's dedication!