Being robbed at gunpoint really taught her a lesson.

Kim Kardashian doesn't want a repeat of her Paris jewel heist, so she and Kanye have agreed to keep no jewelry or valuables in their new Hidden Hills mansion, TMZ reports. It's pretty obvious the reality star fed this story to the website in order to get the word out that there's nothing to steal at her pad, just in case those pesky Hollywood bandits are coming for her next.

So did she get rid of all her baubles? Not quite...

Her collection is being stored in a secure place elsewhere, and is under constant supervision. Even so, Kimye has 24/7 armed security to make sure they're out of harms way.

Kimmy K isn't taking her chances by wearing anything expensive, so if you see her dripping in diamonds, she wants you to know they're fake.

Gone are the days of her flaunting her wealth on social media!