Is this why she she won't come out of her house?!

Kylie Jenner has allegedly gained more than 60 pounds during her pregnancy and is freaking out over her changing shape, Radar reports.

"Kylie's been eating non-stop and has gained a tremendous amount of weight. She is not eating healthy either so it is not making her situation any better," a source dished to the outlet.

"She has a big breakfast, a big lunch, and a big dinner and tons of snacks in between. She gorges on food and blames it on being pregnant but says that she is always hungry. Kylie hides her figure in oversize clothes because she does not want to deal with the sight," the source added.

Making things worse, she's so insecure that she doesn't even want baby daddy Travis Scott looking her way.

"Kylie does not want anyone to see her like this, including Travis. She thinks she is morbidly obese right now. Although her family tells her that she needs to calm down, she cannot wait to get this baby out so that she can get back to the size she wants to be. After she gives birth in February, she is planning on checking into a fat farm for six weeks. If that doesn't work, she'll resort to using a procedure like lipo or cool sculpting to shed the pounds," the insider revealed.

We're dying to see photographic evidence of this!