Umm it's a little late for this!

Kylie Jenner's family is concerned that she's not really ready for motherhood and everything it entails, but they will do whatever they can to help her adjust to her new role, People reports.

"Her sisters have tried to give as much advice as possible. The family is still worried because Kylie is so young, but they will all support and help her once the baby arrives,” a source dished to the mag. That quote sounds like it came directly from Kim!

"Kylie is very naive. Spending time with other people’s kids is obviously completely different than being a mom 24/7. Kylie of course has no idea about all the hard work and sleepless nights," the source added.

Learning her youngest child was expecting a kid of her own was a hard pill to swallow for Kris Jenner, but in typical momager style, she's come around to the idea and views it as a blessing... and probably a cash cow!

"It definitely took some getting used to. But Kylie has always been very headstrong — she’s always wanted to do her own thing despite what Kris says. Of course Kris just wants the best for her daughter and loves and supports her no matter what," the insider revealed.

If she can't handle it, she can always just hire a million nannies! It's not like she's a single mom in the Midwest making minimum wage, she'll be juuuuust fine!