She is really taking this privacy thing to a whole other level!

Kylie Jenner reportedly wants to give birth at her Calabasas mansion, but recent pregnancy complications might make that dream impossible, Radar reports.

"Kylie really wants to do an at-home birth,” a source dished to the outlet. Another source revealed that the LipKit queen might not be able to give birth naturally, though!

"Kylie is having some minor complications right now that may force her to deliver the baby via C-section. It is nothing too alarming. Her doctors just feel that it may be the best option," the insider said at the time. That means she'll have to be at the hospital!

“Kylie doesn’t want to do a C-section, and she is praying that she will not have to,” the source added.

At this point, we don't feel like we're ever going to see Kylie again! She's even more reclusive than Rob these days!