He likes what he sees!

Scott Disick shared a bikini photo of girlfriend Sofia Richie during their Mexican vacay over the weekend, and either he wants everyone to know how hot his lady love is, or he wants to show off that the couple is literally always on vacation. This time, they're staying at Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis' beachfront mansion, so we bet their little romantic holiday is free of charge!

Does the pair do anything but travel? Since they became a couple, they've been all over the place, and they rarely go more than a week without jetting off for another trip. They always fly private, too, and they are obviously charging it to Lionel Richie's credit card. What is The Lord going to do when his Keeping Up with the Kardashians paychecks run out?

We have a feeling LD is going to pop the question soon, just so he can lock in living in the lap of luxury!