Getting more selective in the new year, we see!

Selena Gomez unfollowed all but 37 people on Instagram over the weekend, and some of her cuts were surprising.

She gave Demi Lovato, Gigi Hadid, the cast of 13 Reasons Why and her former co-stars from Wizards of Waverly Place the axe, but she decided to keep following BFF Taylor Swift, kidney donor Francia Raisa, Amy Schumer and Jessica Alba. Random!

Oddly enough, it appears SB isn't following Justin Bieber, either! We know they're still together, so maybe they just don't want to get caught up in social media, and prefer to keep things separate.

"They’ve done the whole Hollywood couple thing before with parties, red carpets, events and everything else that comes with being in the spotlight and it didn’t work. This time around, they really just want to do normal things that regular couples do," a source dished to ET.

"He’s playing on a rec hockey team and she watches in the stands with some of the other girlfriends and families of the players. They love working out together. They recently did a Pilates class together, and of course they go to church still. They’re even opting to hang out more with friends who are not in the industry, mainly friends from church. They’re really just all about keeping it low-key this time and don’t want it to spiral into a big spectacle," the source added.

Sounds like she's simplifying her life on every level!