Girl Power!!!

The ladies were out in full force, taking no prisoners, raising their voices and furthering those ideas that aren't just hashtags -- #MeToo and #TimesUp. Women -- celebrities and all us regular folk -- took to the streets in LA, DC, New York, Chicago and around the country and even outside of the US to declare this movement is NOT over. Women will not be repressed and silent; we will be heard and in Hollywood, that meant celebrities took to the stage at a massive protest in downtown Los Angeles.

Viola Davis gave a rousing speech in which she declared she was a Me Too. Natalie Portman told of her experience as an unfairly-sexualized 13-year-old actress. Eva Longoria slammed the "sexist, racist rhetoric” coming out of the White House. Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz and Adele banded together with signs, scarves and sunnies to take to the streets and get their message out. Cameron’s sign read, “A ‘movement’ should never take us backwards. It should only ever carry us forwards.” Adele wrote on her sign: "Everyone’s full of s—t” and on another: “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change! I am changing the things I cannot accept."

Check out these inspirational speeches ...

Women’s march Los Angeles January 20th 2018

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We are worthy!!!❤ 🎥:@cnn

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