Karma's a real b*tch!

Angelina Jolie is reportedly so disturbed by the rumors that Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston might reconcile, that she's having frequent sessions with her shrink to work through her complex emotions, The National Enquirer reports.

"Angelina was absolutely heartbroken over Brad and Jen getting back together. She never thought it would happen. She’s seeing a therapist to cope with anxiety and tension. She goes once a week, but she’s considering going more often," a source dished to the mag.

Not helping matters is the fact that the A-list actor's mom Jane would love nothing more than for her son to get back with the Friends star, as she was never a big fan of Angie in the first place!

"This is what she’s dreamed of for over a decade — she never lost faith and has stayed in touch with Jen for years. Jane and the whole Missouri-based Pitt family haven’t been disrespectful about Jen and Justin’s marriage, but once it became apparent things wouldn’t work out they actively pushed Brad to get back in touch. Now they’re determined to see them back together for a second chance," a source told Radar.

Meanwhile, In Touch is reporting that Jen's ex Justin Theroux is already quietly moving on, and has been seeing wardrobe stylist Chloe Hartstein on the down low.

We wonder if they've ever given thought to a wife swap? Jen is clearly a better fit for Brad, and wild Angie seems perfect for hipster Justin!