Everyone's fed up.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, and Britney Spears are speaking out in the wake of yesterday's school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and the consensus is that gun control is long overdue. Gunman Nikolas Cruz killed 17 victims and injured countless others in the attack, and he's currently in police custody.

Here's a roundup of the heartfelt reactions on social media:

    Kim Kardashian - "We owe it to our children and our teachers to keep them safe while at school. Prayers won't do this: action will. Congress, please do your job and protect Americans from senseless gun violence."

    Ellen Degeneres - "No words, no actions, no laws are enough until we end this epidemic of school shootings in our country. My heart is with the students and parents of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School."

    Reese Witherspoon - "Heartbroken over the news of another school shooting. This is the 18th in 45 days of 2018. Students & teachers shouldn't have to fear for their safety. We must do more to prevent these senseless acts of gun violence. My heart is w/ the people in Parkland, FL. Enough is enough."

    Chelsea Handler - "We have to elect candidates that are not funded by the NRA in November. We have an opportunity to elect candidates who won’t allow kids to go to school and get shot. It is disgusting how many times this has happened and Republicans do nothing. You all have blood on your hands."

    Mark Ruffalo - "Prayers without accordant action are silent lies told to oneself, heard by no God, amounting to nothing. Action is the language of truth, the prayers of the Saints."

    Britney Spears - "Just heard the tragic news about Florida. My heart breaks for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Keeping the victims and their families in my thoughts 💛 ."

    Patricia Arquette - "If people can blame drug dealers for the drug problem then we can blame the @NRA for the mass shooting problem."

    Piers Morgan - "Three of the 10 worst mass shootings in American history have happened in your 1st year, Mr President @realDonaldTrump.What are you going to do about it?"

We hope there's a day when we don't have to write posts like this anymore.