If he doesn't want attention, he shouldn't be whipping around in this flashy ride!

Justin Bieber hit up Equinox yesterday for a quick workout, and when it was time to leave, he hopped into his bright blue Lamborghini Aventador and sped off. Later on, he had a chance run-in with car buff Jerry Seinfeld in Beverly Hills, and the two had a chat! Apparently, the Seinfeld star was skeptical it was actually The Biebs he was talking to! "@JerrySeinfeld I told you it was me :)," the Canadian sensation tweeted after the encounter.

JB and Selena Gomez just got back from a pre-Valentine's Day romantic vacay in Laguna Beach, but before they headed to the OC, they were spotted at Hollywood hot spot Sunset Tower.

"It was [one of] her first nights out in public since rehab. They were seated away from all the action outside by the pool for privacy. They seemed very sweet together, cozying up and canoodling. He was being very tender and attentive . . . a sweet, supportive boyfriend," a witness who was at the Hollywood hotel told Page Six.

"She stays there a lot . . . She’s on and off with Justin, but they’re back on . . . for now," the source added. Wait, that's news to us! We thought their relationship was rock solid?