He looks like a natural!

Justin Bieber stopped to get a pressed juice in LA yesterday, and apparently he was feeling friendly, because he willingly posed for a photo while holding a random fan's baby. That kid doesn't even know how lucky she is!

The Biebs has been in a better mood ever since he reunited with Selena Gomez, and it sounds like things are going smoothly this time around.

"Justin and Selena are doing great. Their relationship is very special. They have both changed, their lives are so different and it really seems things could work out great this time. Justin realized that he needed to change, reached out for help and is doing very well," a source dished to People.

"The same [goes] for Selena — the second she doesn’t feel well, she seeks help. They have both hugely matured. Justin is very supportive of Selena feeling her best. She came back feeling very empowered. She feels and looks great. She’s still working on new music and is excited about it," the source added.

Perhaps JB and SG should have a little one of their own?