He looks like a zombie!

Kanye West seemed utterly exhausted as he left the studio last night in Calabasas, and it appears the lack of sleep that comes with a new baby is catching up to him! Or perhaps he's just pooped from all his traveling? Since Chicago arrived, he's largely been out of town, jetting everywhere from NYC to Europe. Kimmy K is allegedly not too happy about it, either!

"Kanye and Kim made this plan to have a third baby together, but he seemed too busy to help make the first weeks a special time. Kim has been trying to fix this and said to Kanye, ‘Come home to your baby.’ She has texted and called him, but he is so busy during the day. Kim doesn’t want to complain, because she has all the help in the world, but she is still sad. She visualized this time differently," a source dished to Life & Style.

"Kim has told friends that she’s furious with Kanye for being gone so much for the new baby’s first days," the source added.

Yeezy's a real workaholic!