It's been a while since we've seen such a horrendous look on Kim Kardashian but she pulled out a real doozy Saturday at the Create + Cultivate conference in LA! Platinum wig, check; no bra, check; insanely baggy pants, check; plunging tuxedo jacket, check; white mule heels, check; gag reflex triggered, check!

She looks like she went into Kanye closet for her outfit and while we luuuuv women in menswear, the idea is not that it's the actual size of your husband's clothing -- it has to fit you and be tailored to a woman's body, just in a men's style. Kim got this one 100% wrong!

Meanwhile, her pal Chrissy Teigen got it right in this yellow silk kimono top wrapped around her adorable baby bump, with slim black pants and Givanvitto Rossi black/PVC heels. What a cute maternity look!

So just what is this Create + Cultivate thing? It's a women's empowerment meeting with inspirational speakers -- women entrepreneurs who are their own bosses, make their own hours, all while having families and, most likely, getting rich. So that's all great -- tickets were $550 for full access. Wonder how many women were inspired to "be the best version of themselves" and "live their best lives" and how many will go home feeling motivated only to get their credit card bill next month and wish they didn't have to pay off that exorbitant ticket charge!