Nobody can say they don't have a good work ethic!

Kim, Kourtney, and Kris dropped by their favorite Armenian restaurant Carousel to film a scene for Keeping Up with the Kardashians yesterday, and we're a little surprised the momager wasn't in bed with a hangover after the boozy Valentine's Day dinner she hosted the night before!

Kim donned white sweatpants with a pink bodysuit and Lance Armstrong-esque athletic glasses, and we hate to be mean, but this has gone TOO far! She looks like a cartoon version of herself, and we know Kanye is behind a lot of these looks, but the reality star really needs to put her foot down at some point.

Kimmy K must be relieved that her hubby finally settled his lawsuit with concert ensurer Lloyd's of London for an undisclosed sum. Rumor had it that the insurance company was digging around for dirt on the rapper to avoid the massive payout they owed him when he abruptly ended the Saint Pablo tour after his breakdown, so Kimye really dodged a bullet!