It can't be 24/7 auntie duty!

Kendall Jenner joined Kourtney Kardashian and her boy toy Younes Bendjima for dinner at Nobu in Malibu last night, after they spent the last few days bonding with Kylie's new baby girl.

They are the only two members of the K clan that won't welcome babies this year, but they're cool with that. Kourt already has three kids, and Kenny is in no rush to settle down.

In fact, a source tells X17:
    "Kendall loves Kylie and can see how happy she is since becoming a mom, but she still thinks she was too young to have a baby. They have always been really different, but Kendall thinks Kylie was in a rush to grow up and she's going to regret it. Kylie's life will now be all about feedings and sleep schedules, when Kendall thinks she should have enjoyed her 20s and dated around a bit before settling down."

These two are the only ones that have enough freedom for a night on the town these days!