So THIS is why she's been hiding out!

Kylie Jenner has been staying out of the spotlight ever since word got out that she was expecting a baby with rapper Travis Scott, but apparently she's been making sure the whole pregnancy has been captured on camera!

"She’s had cameras on her non-stop at home! What people don’t know is that Kylie is avoiding the public for a good reason. She is at home filming her pregnancy in hopes of locking in a second season of her reality show, Life of Kylie. She is not at all alone. Aside from her family, she has a cameraman that pretty much lives with her and is going to remain there until after the birth of the baby," a source dished to Radar.

The LipKit queen has reportedly gained 60 pounds, but contrary to what people are saying, that's not a factor in her decision to not go out in public.

“It is not that Kylie doesn’t want to leave her house. She does. She just thinks that the more mystery she creates the higher her chances are of getting a second season. And she’s right! Kylie said that she doesn’t want people to see her while she is fat and pregnant, but she will not feel that way once she loses baby weight and is hot again,” the source added.

Ultimately, it sounds like her efforts are going to pay off!

"Kris and Kylie are now just waiting for the baby’s birth and are going to review all of the footage shot after the baby is born. Her chances of getting a season two of the spinoff are really high right now. Especially considering the amount of publicity her pregnancy has gotten," the insider revealed.

Their inner circle have clearly been instructed not to speak a word about her pregnancy, either! Andy Cohen pressed K clan pal Chrissy Teigen for baby info on Watch What Happens Live!, and the Sports Illustrated stunner refused to give it up. She chatted briefly about Khloe, but just wouldn't go there with Kylie.

“[I’ve known] Khloé [was pregnant] a while. I saw her at Kim’s baby shower. And I won’t say anything about Kylie," she told the late night host.

They're nothing if not smart business women!