Selena Gomez is back in LA and back to enjoying life after a two-week tune-up at a rehab facility in New York for some anxiety and depression issues she was experiencing. Selena hit the park to enjoy the 80-degree LA weather on Friday with some friends. She fed the birds, the ducks, posed for photos with a baby, and took a spin in a surrey with her pals. Her day looked almost too good to be true ... was she maybe doing-it-up for the cameras just a little bit?

Gomez cheered on on-again-off-again (on-again?) boyfriend Justin Bieber at his hockey match Thursday night, confirming she hasn't totally cut ties with her first love. But fans speculate her recent stint in therapy may have been due to stress Selena was feeling after reigniting her romance with the Biebs -- not to mention anxiety over her mom's disapproval of them dating again.

Maybe Gomez just needs more sunny afternoons in the park and a bit less time with Justin? We'll see ... the heart wants what it wants!