Showing some love for her namesake!

Selena Gomez stepped out to do a little shopping in Calabasas yesterday, and decided to wear a t-shirt with an image of the late singer Selena Quintanilla under her jean jacket. Bitty bitty bom bom!

The "Come & Get" songstress wasn't named after the music legend by mistake, either.

"My dad and mom were huge fans. My name was going to be Priscilla, but my cousin actually took the name when she was born six months before me. They actually loved [Selena’s] music, so they just named me after her," she previously explained.

“I grew up and I went to her grave, I got to go to her house. It was really crazy. And then when I started working, I remember I got to meet her family and I just got super emotional ’cause it’s so crazy to see how far everything… I don’t know, like where she’d be right now. It’s nuts," she added.

We wish she was still alive so they could perform together!