We actually feel sorry for him!

Justin Bieber dropped by his favorite poke place to grab lunch yesterday in West Hollywood, and when we asked him to confirm his split with Selena Gomez, he seriously seemed like he was about to cry!

Sources are saying that the "Come & Get It" songstress called things off with The Biebs because the tension between him and her family was just too great to bear.

JB isn't having an easy time with it, either!

A source tells X17:
    "Justin was totally blindsided when Selena told him she needed a break. He thought everything was going well, other than the stuff with her mom. He figured they could deal with that situation as a couple. He's devastated, but instead of acting out and making things dramatic, Justin has vowed to give her the space she needs and just focus on his faith. He really believes they're meant to be together in the end, so he's practicing patience."

For her part, the brunette beauty is trying to take each day as it comes and not make any rushed decisions.

Another source tells us:
    "Selena misses Justin, but her main priority is her health - it's literally a life or death situation. Stress isn't good for her, and the tension between Justin and her mom was giving her the worst anxiety. She is taking this time off for a couple reasons. She wants her family to come around to the idea of them being together, but she also wants to see how he handles things. If he's spotted out with random girls and starts behaving like he used to, she's ready to close the door on him for good."

We hope this isn't the end of Jelena!