He's such a saint!

Justin Bieber is taking his whole religious thing to the next level, because after spin class this morning, he spotted some homeless people sleeping on the street and flopped down for a heart-to-heart. It didn't go quite as well as he expected, though!

He spent several minutes talking to one of them after he brought them water, and seemed genuinely interested in the conversation. Then the other one woke up, and proceeded to yell and curse at The Biebs before telling him to get lost! He seemed caught off guard and quickly got up to make his exit, and the whole encounter got awkward quickly.

The "Sorry" crooner has made so many positive changes in his life over the past few years, and it appears his compassion is growing right alongside his faith. He goes to church services almost daily, and it seems they've really given him some perspective on the important things in this world. What other superstar do you know of that would go out of their way to help the less fortunate?

We guess not everyone has Bieber fever, but we do!