This is hilarious!

Justin Bieber headed to his regular spa session yesterday in West Hollywood, and while he normally keeps quiet and doesn't talk or respond to photographers, he couldn't help but lecture ours on his filthy ride!

"You gotta clean your brother. It's disgusting. It's gross. Are you living out of that thing? It's disgusting, it's gross bro. You need to clean it. You should. You can't have people seeing that, it's gross. I've never seen a car that dirty in my life," he said as he made his way into his massage. We hate to admit it, but we agree with JB!

After his relaxation session, The Biebs made a mad dash to his car and was jumping over fire hydrants in an attempt to evade the shutterbugs, but in the process he lost his pricey Supreme hat and to double back to get it!