Having multiple lady loves isn't easy!

Justin Bieber has been hitting the gym daily since his romance with Selena Gomez got put on pause, and we have a feeling he's trying to cope with his emotions in a healthy way, rather than running out and hooking up with a bunch of chicks! Granted, he did take model Baskin Champion home for a sleepover last week, but nobody's perfect...

Biebs worked up a sweat at SoulCycle early on Monday morning -- trying to get in a good workout before the rest of LA was awake. So he was surprised when we spotted him crossing the street. He threw on his hoodie and made a run for it!

The "Come & Get It" songstress is back in town after her church trip to Australia, but she hasn't exactly gone skipping back into JB's loving arms. When she left for her vacay, sources say she was optimistic about their future, but that all changed when she saw paparazzi photos of him and Baskin.

A source tells X17:
    "Selena's had it. She had almost bought his whole "changed man" thing when she caught wind of his hookup with Baskin. This was the confirmation she needed to finally move on. She realizes that no matter how many times she forgives him, they are always going to have issues, and it's not worth it to her. Her health is her main priority, and she can't have a volatile personal life any longer."

The Biebs really blew it! And so why, after hooking up with Baskin the other day is he now out with ANOTHER beautiful blonde for early-morning coffee after his workout???!!!