Only the best for The Biebs!

Justin Bieber landed in LA via his private jet on Sunday, after spending some time in Seattle playing hockey with friends, and we bet Selena Gomez is glad her man is back home.

JB and SG have been keeping a lower profile in recent months, but not to worry! Everything is just fine between them, in fact it's better than fine.

"They continue to get guidance individually and as a couple from their pastors and are trying not to go down a toxic route again. [Justin's] relationship with Selena is really different. They’re not putting pressure on themselves. They have both been through a lot since the last time they dated so they’re getting to know each other again," a source dished to People.

"Things were crazy when they first reunited with all the attention. Now they have quiet date nights, go to church together and hang out with their friends. They are serious about making things work this time. Even their friends who thought they were crazy to get back together think they’ve been good for each other," the source added.

We have a feeling these boys' trips are going to be a thing of the past sometime soon!