She didn't think this one through.

Kylie Jenner dropped a new line of blushes the other day, but what she called them caught more than a few people's attention. With names like "Virginity" and "Barely Legal," fans were outraged that she wouldn't think about the fact that she has teenage fans who are young and impressionable.

"When you have millions of teenage fans who look up to you, what do you name your new blushers? ‘Virginity’ ‘Barely legal’ and ‘X-rated’ of course. Really? @KylieJenner. You literally couldn’t think of ANY other names to give them?” one person tweeted. "Seriously @KylieJenner, choose better names for your products. You have 12+ year old fans! ‘Barely Legal,’ ‘Virginity,'" wrote another.

Personally, we think everyone needs to chill out! Clearly the LipKit queen isn't too worried either, because as the controversy began to heat up, she posted this pic of her "day off" with sister Kendall. Kicking back on a G wagon wearing a robe doesn't exactly scream concern!

day off

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