She definitely takes after her dad, not her mom!

North West apparently wasn't in the mood to be photographed while out with aunt Kourtney Kardashian and cousin Penelope yesterday, because she told photographers "No pictures!" as she made her way out of the car.

Kourt has been picking up the babysitting slack for sister Kim ever since she welcomed daughter Chicago via surrogate, and she also largely handles solo parenting duty for her own kids, because Scott Disick isn't exactly the father of the year.

Speaking of LD, he and his baby mama aren't seeing eye-to-eye lately, and it's causing problems.

"Kourtney and Scott’s relationship is a bit more complicated right now. They’re not at the best place and Scott isn’t a fan of her boyfriend. He really wanted to get back together with Kourtney at one point and was very serious about it, but they never reconciled so there are still hurt feelings there," a source recently dished to People.

Kourt should get back with The Lord just for help with child care!