Cha ching!

Paris Hilton and her fiance Chris Zylka caught a flight to Turkey yesterday afternoon, and we asked the heiress all about her upcoming wedding. Specifically, our videographer questioned whether or not they were going to have a pre-nup! Her actor beau faced the topic head on, and was actually quite charming about the whole thing.

"Well any gentleman that's about to marry a very wealthy and well-established businesswoman, wouldn't be a gentleman to bring up a pre-nup in the first place, so yes, of course we're gonna have one. It was something that was supposed to be private, but it's okay," he told us.

Princess P was quick to assure him they'd never have to use it, though!

"We don't need one because we're going to be together forever," she cooed while gazing lovingly at her man.

As for when they plan to tie the knot? Well, they already have a date set! The hunky TV star let the secret slip recently during Nicky Hilton's Mommy & Me x Tolani fashion collection launch at the Kitson Kitross store in LA.

"[Chris] told another guest that the wedding is set for Nov. 11 at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills," a source told Life & Style. "[Paris] is planning on a big wedding. She's already started shopping for dresses with her sister," the source added.

They seem like the perfect match!