You go girl!

Demi Lovato took to Instagram to share a series of body positive photos and sentiments, and the singer is our everything goals!

"Stretch marks and extra fat..and yet I still love myself. Cellulite and yet I still love myself. No thigh gap for me and yet I still love myself," she wrote on the snapshots, which show her in a tied up t-shirt and booty shorts.

When she realized one of the app's features changed the appearance of her legs, she made sure to point that out, too.

"The boomerang smoothed out my legs. I have cellulite just like the other 93% of women do. What you see on Instagram isn’t always what it seems to be. Let’s embrace our real selves. #iloveme,” she added.

The "Skyscraper" songstress has been open about her struggle with bulimia, and she recently decided to stop counting calories and embrace her natural shape in an effort to further her recovery.

"I stopped dieting and have gained a little weight so it’s been a struggle, but at the same time, I’m happier because I’m not restricting myself from certain foods and I’m no longer food shaming myself. As someone recovering from a food disorder, it’s something that I want to put out there that you don’t have to diet in order to be happy. I don’t think I’ve heard that message out there in the public and of course, it’s important to be healthy and everything in moderation is fine," she told People.

She is the role model all young women need!