Talk about a power trio!

Gigi and Bella Hadid walked the red carpet and supported pal Serena Williams at the premiere of her new HBO docuseries titled Being Serena last night in NYC, and not even the supermodel siblings could outshine the tennis champ!

The five-part series will chronicle the many changes in the athlete's personal life over the years, from her pregnancy to her marriage to husband Alexis Ohanian, to her comeback on the court.

So what made the new mom want to share such intimate moments with viewers?

"A lot of people see me on the court, and they only judge and see that side of me, and there’s so much more to my life and to me. That’s not me, actually to be honest, on the court. As much a part of my life as it is, I become a different person when I play tennis. The second I step onto the facilities, the grounds, I become a different person, and the second I step off, I’m back to being Serena, no pun intended. So I thought it would be interesting, while we were going through this process, if I just took all the curtains away, and I was just myself," she told The New York Times.

Being Serena premieres on May 2 on HBO.