We want him to turn that frown upside down!

Justin Bieber made quite the fashion statement by writing "Cash Only" on the cuffs of his khaki pants, but all we could focus on was how depressed he looks!

Reports claim JB "misses" Selena Gomez and wants her back, and he did seem mighty lonely strolling though Beverly Hills this afternoon without any company.

A source tells X17:
    "Justin has so few people that he can trust, and Selena is one of them. He's been getting support from his pals and his church groups, but he's human, and misses affection and that physical connection with someone special. He knows hooking up with Baskin Champion was a mistake, so he's just keeping to himself and hoping that Selena comes around."

JB is dressed like a hot preppy dad, and we dig it! We've definitely noticed a change in the "Sorry" crooner, as evidenced by the below video. He's so warm and compassionate, and gone are the days of being a brat to the paps!