This town is pretty small when you run in the same circles.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrived within minutes of each other at Hillsong church for evening services last night, and it's the first time in a while that they both have been in the same room since their split. While we don't know if they exchanged words inside, we do know their activity after worship was over was a little suspicious.

The Biebs headed to Wally's in Beverly Hills for a bite, and we think the "Come & Get" songstress joined him! They pulled a tricky maneuver and had her assistant drive her car home, and when the meal was over, JB walked back to the Montage hotel where his car was parked solo. Sources tell us the buzz was that the former couple had been breaking bread together, though!

Considering the "Sorry" crooner spent the afternoon with current fling Baskin Champion - which we'll post pix of soon! - we doubt their rendezvous was all smiles and laughs. Perhaps the Canadian sensation was trying to justify his actions and downplay the rumors, in hopes that SG wouldn't be so mad at him!

Based on how smiley and giddy he was, he appeared to succeed!