He's like the modern day Huck Finn!

Justin Bieber grabbed his best sombrero and headed to a Malibu watering hole for a dip over the weekend, and his sexy tatted shirtless torso was on full display for all his loyal Beliebers.

We guess reconnecting with nature is helping JB pass the time while he waits to see if Selena Gomez will take him back, and apparently the break is killing him inside.

"Justin hasn’t texted or spoken to Selena since they went their separate ways, but not because he doesn’t want to—the exact opposite in fact—he’s just respecting her wishes and giving her some time. It drives Justin crazy having zero communication," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"He’s constantly seeing or hearing things that he knows Selena would dig, and he wants to share them with her, but so far he’s managed to resist the temptation. Right now, Justin’s trying to be around friends as much as possible, and to keep his brain occupied, because whenever he’s on his own and trying to just chill, he inevitably starts thinking about Selena and how much he misses her," the source added.

We don't think it will be too much longer before Jelena is back together... we all know SG has terminal Bieber fever!