Was 'Ye targeted by the little blue bird?

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kanye West lost a whopping 9 million followers after his pro-Trump tweet-a-thon yesterday, with his account dropping from 27 million to 18 million in a matter of hours, but the social media site restored it back to normal and claims an error must have caused the plummet.

"We can confirm that Kanye’s follower count is currently at approximately 27M followers. Any fluctuation that people might be seeing is an inconsistency and should be resolved soon," a Twitter spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

A lot of conspiracy theorists are claiming that Twitter has a liberal agenda, and was attempting to censor the rapper and decrease the reach of his praise for the POTUS.

Speaking of which, The Orange One is flattered by the support, and actually tweeted back to the Louis Vuitton Don!

"Thanks Kanye, very cool!," he wrote in response to the messages.

Kim and the rest of the K clan are reportedly disturbed by Yeezy's recent tweets and behavior, and fear that substance abuse could be to blame.

"Kim and her family have good reason to believe that Kanye is using drugs again because of his erratic behavior. But even if they were able to prove it, there is still nothing they can do. It’s real bad and he isn’t listening to anyone this time," a source dished to Radar.

Late night hosts had a field day with Kanye and Trump's bromance on their shows last night, and we've gotta admit, some of their jokes were pretty funny!

"I think Kanye is lobbying for a job as Trump's new communications director. He could just change his name to Kellyanne Kanye. The height of Trump praise has gotta be when he tweeted, 'You don't have to agree with Trump but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.' Yes, we have the right to independent thought and I independently think that Kanye has lost his mind. You know what? Donald Trump is your brother, it is true, and I am your brother too. Brother to brother, I just want to say, put the phone down. You could have stopped at 10am this morning with, 'I'm nice at ping pong," Stephen Colbert quipped.

"The president was so moved by Kanye’s words, he baby-thumbed this very gracious response: 'Thank you Kanye, very cool.' Very cool, indeed. The coolest, really. So now Donald Trump has two black friends. I hope Ben Carson doesn't get jealous. And just like that, Kanye West became our new Secretary of State. America really is great again," Jimmy Kimmel said.

"This is crazy, today Kanye West tweeted that he and Trump are 'brothers' and are both 'dragon energy.' Trump responded saying, 'Very cool.' In a related story, Trump just made Kanye the new Secretary of Dragon Energy, which is amazing, I didn't even know that was a job. I saw that Kanye fired his manager this week and tweeted, 'I can't be managed.' Then Kim was like, stop tweeting and come in here and he was like, 'Yes, dear,'" Jimmy Fallon joked.

We can't decide is Kanye is totally "woke," or if he's going off the rails!