See ya Cleveland!

X17online has exclusively learned that Khloe Kardashian and her newborn baby girl will be leaving Ohio on Sunday with Kris Jenner and flying back to LA on a private jet.

There have been a lot of stories circulating that claim the new mom has "already forgiven" cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson, but our insiders say that's not true.

A source close to Khloe tells X17:
    "Khloe put her heartbreak aside to allow Tristan to witness the birth, but she has in no way forgiven him for cheating. She's humiliated and feels completely betrayed, and now she's just counting the days until Sunday when she can be back in LA and hunker down with her daughter at her Calabasas mansion. She's not even thinking about her relationship with Tristan, she's solely focused on the baby now."

As for the future of her relationship, things aren't looking good.

Our same source tells us:
    "Khloe's still in love with him, but there's no coming back from this and she knows it. Her whole family hates him now, and she knows all too well from her marriage to Lamar that it's better to end things than drag it out and let it affect her more than it already is emotionally. She's beside herself, but determined to be strong for her daughter."

The E! starlet has made it clear to basketball star that if he wants to see his child, he will need to fly to Los Angeles. She wants her baby to have a relationship with Tristan, but she's done revolving her life around his.

We're in awe of her strength during this incredibly difficult situation!