She finds the humor in it!

We caught Roseanne Barr at LAX yesterday, and asked her her opinion about Donald Trump taking credit for the huge ratings the Roseanne reboot got for its premiere. "It's all me!" she joked while laughing.

The POTUS even called the comedienne to congratulate her on the success of her show... but of course he did! Roseanne's character is a Trump supporter, and the TV star is in real life as well. She's praised him for the work he's doing to end child sex trafficking and his stance on many other issues, and she's gotten a lot of flack for it.

"So I feel like half the people voted for Trump and half didn’t, so it’s just realistic. I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and the working class people. And, in fact, it was working class people who elected Trump. So I felt like, yeah, that was very real, and something that needed to be discussed," she explained during a TCA panel about her decision to make the show's cast largely pro-Trump.

She's become an alt-right darling and a liberal nightmare!