We loved the Heavenly Bodies Catholic theme this year!

The Met Gala brought out every big name in the book last night, and while there were a lot of favorites for us, some celebs just totally knocked it out of the park. An example? Blake Lively! The actress changed into this schoolgirl-inspired ensemble for the after party, and she automatically became our Best Dressed gal for the evening!

Poor Selena Gomez, however, we would put on the Fashion Fail list. Her whimsical dress did nothing for her figure, and her makeup was totally off! Who thought a deep dark spray tan was a good idea for a religious vibe? We aren't the only ones that thought that, either! The "Come & Get It" songstress is being poked fun of on social media, and we almost feel sorry for her!

We also expected more from Gigi Hadid, and we weren't a fan of her sister Bella's choices as well.

We'd give top honors to Rihanna, Kim K, J.Lo and Cara Delevigne!

So what'd you miss inside the bash? So much! Kim breaking the no-selfie rule by snapping a pic with Ariana Grande and Kylie, and Madonna performing "Like A Prayer" to the star-studded audience!