Just a heads up JB, driving with your Beats on will get you a big ticket!

Justin Bieber arrived at the recording studio with producer pal Poo Bear yesterday, and we couldn't help but notice that he was whipping through the streets with his headphones on. Not only is it illegal, but it's dangerous, because you can't hear oncoming sirens and other alerts. We wouldn't want him to get into a wreck, so this is our PSA!

We have a feeling The Biebs is getting some new music ready for us, as just the other day, we caught him with John Mayer, leading us to believe they are collaborating on some tunes.

Get ready to gush, because the below video is just too cute...

The "Sorry" crooner headed to spin class at SoulCycle before his studio sesh, and when a young fan approached him, he gave them a hug and took a minute to have a sincere chat. He really has turned into such a nice guy!

We will always have incurable Bieber fever!