He seems just as shocked as the rest of us!

Justin Bieber headed to church yesterday in LA, and we couldn't help but notice that he wasn't his usual smiley self. Perhaps that's because his ex Selena Gomez has found "closure" on their relationship, and is already reportedly getting close with Justin Theroux?

The "Come & Get" songstress and Jen Aniston's ex have been spotted hanging in NYC recently, and rumors are now going around that the two are "more than friends."

Life & Style either has a well-placed insider, or they're totally making things up, but they claim SG and the Leftovers star's friendship has taken a turn in the romantic direction.

"They FaceTime and text late at night. [They] have intimate conversations about where they're going in life and their career goals," a source dished to the mag.

"She finds Justin [Theroux] to be a breath of fresh air after going through such turbulent times with her other Justin. Selena will always carry a torch for her ex, but right now, Justin [Theroux] is helping her take her mind off things," the source added.

It's about time for The Biebs to swoop in and use his charms to win her back! Speaking of which, we caught him boarding a private jet last night, so it's very possible he's already putting a plan into action!