He's ready to come clean!

Kanye West raps about his opioid addiction in Travis Scott's new song "Watch," and it sounds like he really struggled with prescription pills before his 2016 mental breakdown and hospitalization.

"Wanna know how pain feels? I got off my main pills / Bet my wifey stay close, she know I’m on my Bezos/ Opioid addiction, pharmacy’s the real trap / Sometimes I feel trapped, Jordan with no Phil Jack," one of his verses goes.

Kylie Jenner does the outro on the track, too!

"We got bust down Rollies, bust down Rollies / And I told him I wanted to have a bust down baby,” the LipKit queen says as the tune fades out.

Apparently, 'Ye's experience made him so gun-shy of popping pills, he's now decided he's going drug-free, whether his doctors and his family like it or not, and that's what's contributed to a lot of his recent controversial comments.

"He’s refused to take his meds, and that’s where he’s been, for the last couple of weeks leading into last week, so almost a month now that it’s been. It’s sad," a source dished to People.

At least he doesn't have to hide this secret anymore!