She's quite the jet setter!

Kim Kardashian landed back in LA via private jet this afternoon, after making a quick pit stop in Wyoming to see Kanye after the Met Gala in NYC. We can't even fathom how much money she spends on that PJ every year!

Kimmy K has dominated the headlines this week, with everything from her Met look to her comments about Tristan Thompson blocking her on Instagram, and she must be loving it. After all, the spotlight being on her distracts from all the negative press her hubby had been getting over his "slavery is a choice" comments.

Mrs. West recently told Vanity Fair that she frequently holds back from injecting herself into Yeezy's business, even when she's dying to weigh in.

"I mean, there's definitely times when I'll see things... and I'm just, like, I wanna say something so badly... and then I just have to get off for a second. Because if someone has something so wrong, or they're like... 'Kim's not doing anything', and I'm like, ‘Oh, you don't even know what's going on at home. Like, you don't even know the half of what I'm doing,'" she told the mag.

"You sometimes want to chime in, and then you just have to give it up, and just be like, ‘You know what? There are private moments'. Or we're filming, so it will come out one day and people will feel really stupid when they realize," she added.

Say what you want about her, but nobody can knock her hustle!