They are just too cute together!

Paris Hilton and fiance Chris Zylka dropped by the church to meet with the priest ahead of their big wedding day, and the lovebirds revealed that they're currently in the process of finalizing their vows.

As for the nuptials? "It's going to be incredible," she told us, adding that there are going to be "lots" of guests.

It sounds like they plan on getting straight to baby making, too! When we asked the heiress how many children she wanted, she didn't hold back on answering. "A couple!" she quipped.

We're dying to see what she chose for her wedding dress! And yes, it's been picked out.

“I did pick the final one! It is so iconic and I can’t wait for everyone to see. Right now we’re custom making it so it is going to be really special. We looked at a lot of different options because I am friends with so many incredible designers who are so talented. So it was a really hard choice!” she recently told People.

We're so happy for her that she's finally found her Prince Charming!