Stormy Daniels is NOT going away! What President Donald Trump thought was a one-night stand has become a serious thorn in his side and in the side of all his henchmen! So what do the folks at Saturday Night Live do? They ring up the porn star and invite her on to do a cameo -- thereby screwing Trump again!

Daniels made a surprise cameo on the comedy show, along with a reprise of Ben Stiller's role as scorned Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Alec Baldwin as Trump, Scarlett Johansson as Ivana and Jimmy Fallon as Jared Kushner. You've gotta watch this one!

And in other pop culture news -- because is Stormy Daniels really politics??? SNL and guest host Donald Glover took on Kanye West's recent Tweets in this skit titled "A Kanye Place," in reference to Jordan Peele's "a sunken place" in his hit film "Get Out." Kanye recently referenced the film in the lyrics of his new single "Ye vs. The People."

In the clip, a group of friends lost in a cornfield and being hunted by monsters can't stop talking about Kanye's Tweets, no matter what danger it puts them in. Glover's character is live-reporting Ye's crazy ass posts and while his friends tell him to shut up, they still can't stop discussing the controversial Tweets, even though they're being picked off by the monsters, one by one. Watch!