The Beehive is buzzing!

Beyonce sent fans into a tizzy again last night, after she was sporting what appeared to be a baby bump under her silver minidress while performing an On The Run tour stop in Rome with husband Jay-Z.

At one point, after belting out "Bonnie and Clyde" for the crowd, she stunned the audience by rubbing her belly and smiling, seemingly teasing a possible pregnancy.

Adding one more to the mix would make sense, as the hip-hop power couple has a thing for the number four. Bey's birthday is September 4, Jay's is December 4, they were married on April 4, and Blue Ivy's middle name is roman numerals for four. Right now, they have three children, so another baby would mean... you guessed it, #4!

One detail that makes it seem unlikely she has a bun in the oven?

The pair are set to headline the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa in December, which we doubt they would have signed on to do if she were to be approaching a due date around that time.

She really knows how to send her loyal followers into a total meltdown!