July 8: Justin and Hailey in the Bahamas #Justinbieber #haileybaldwin

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He spared no expense for this one!

Hailey Baldwin's diamond engagement ring from Justin Bieber is so massive, we're surprised she is able to hold up her hand!

The model has been flaunting her new bling in the Bahamas after JB got down on one knee, and she is undoubtedly over the moon!

Apparently, The Biebs had been planning to pop the question for weeks!

"Justin picked out the ring before they flew to the Bahamas. He took Hailey on a special trip to propose. She didn’t know. [Justin] was nervous but excited. He is super happy that she said ‘Yes,'” a source dished to People. He didn't honestly think she'd say no, did he?

The two have been back together for less than a month, but the "Sorry" crooner was confident it was the right time and the right girl to settle down with.

"He knew a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to propose. He sees marriage as something very special. He would never propose if he wasn’t crazy about Hailey. It might seem spontaneous, but it wasn’t. He felt in his heart that this was right. He doesn’t want Hailey to ever be the one that got away," the source added.

So what made him realize she was The One?

"Hailey was always there for Justin and liked him the way he was. She never tried to change him. His relationship with Hailey is easy and fun. He loves that she is always happy," the insider revealed.

We'd kill to be a fly on the wall at Selena's house right about now!