Maybe he decided he'd rather not share this with the public?

Justin Bieber uploaded an old video of now-fiancee Hailey Baldwin singing to his Instagram today, but almost immediately, he turned around and deleted it.

"My fiance," he captioned the clip, which shows the supermodel making her best attempt to belt out a tune while laughing. It appears to have been taken by him years ago, and we think even his mind is blown by the fact that he had no idea in that moment that he would one day end up marrying her!

The couple aren't wasting any time getting ready to walk down the aisle. They're allegedly already planning a "small" and "intimate" wedding in Canada, and apparently JB can't wait to be married man.

"He has been a kid sensation for as long as he can remember. You become muted to that fame. He finally feels somewhat normal and it’s a right time for him to settle down with one person," a source dished to Us Weekly.

We guess it's true what they say... timing is everything! Poor Selena Gomez just dated him a couple years - or months! - too early.