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She's brave to admit this, considering how many mommy shamers there are out there!

Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to confess that she had to quit breastfeeding daughter True after just three months, but she has no shame about it!

"I had to stop breast feeding 😩😩😩 it was really hard for me to stop (emotionally) but it wasn’t working for my body. Sadly," she wrote.

When fans began offering her tips and suggestions, the Revenge Body star made it clear that she had tried everything before switching her little girl to formula.

"Ugh it wasn’t that easy for me. I tried every trick in the book- water, special cookies, power pumping, massages etc. I tried so very hard to continue," she explained.

In the end, she decided to go easy on herself and accept defeat rather than worry over it.

“I fought and fought to try and continue but then when I actually stopped, I didn’t realize what a relief it was for me not to stress and worry anymore. Any sec I had of downtime I was stressing to produce more for the next feeding. For Kourt it was soooooo easy for her to breast feed. My experience was very different," she added.

There's no one right way to mother, and Khlo is highlighting that. Bravo!