This would be a lot cuter if we didn't know what a little cheater he was!

Khloe Kardashian's heart was about to burst yesterday as she filmed Tristan Thompson dancing with their daughter True in her nursery, and while the clip is undeniably adorable, we just don't trust the NBA star's ability to be a good husband and father, after what he did to Khloe during her pregnancy.

The couple seem to have put his cheating scandal in the rear view mirror, and some reports claim the athlete actually popped the question to prove his commitment to her and their new family. The new mom has been wearing some new bling on her ring finger, too.

"Tristan gave it to her. She’s being coy about what it stands for, but everyone assumes it’s an engagement ring. It’s the biggest ring I’ve ever seen. She is planning a huge party in a few weeks, which she’s saying is for her birthday, but my guess is that’s when she’ll tell everyone she’s engaged," a source dished to In Touch.

If they're really engaged, there's good reason she's not shouting it from the rooftops.

"Ninety-nine percent of Khloé’s friends and family are against it. [Khloe] is determined to have this wedding no matter what. [Kim] might not even attend. She hasn’t forgiven him for cheating on Khloé while she was pregnant, and Kim knows he’ll do it again. Kris hates what Tristan did to Khloé, and she thinks this will end badly," the source added.

We hope he can turns things around and be a man, but we're not holding our breath!