Werk it, girl!

Meghan Markle is putting her best fashion foot forward on her working trip to Ireland with Prince Harry, and we're obsessed with all of the ensembles she has rocked since arriving.

The Duchess of Sussex and her hubby carved some time out of their busy schedules to grab lunch together at the famous Delahunt restaurant, and they enjoyed cocktails during their meal, meaning one thing... she doesn't have a royal bun in the oven just yet!

"The booking was made some time ago and they had pre-ordered their meals. They had the smoked salmon starter. Meghan had the hake for her main course, Harry had the lamb. They had planned to have dessert too but said they were too full by the end of their meal so they just had what we call our 3FE Dublin roasted coffee. They seemed to love it, it was empty plates all round. They even shared a half pint of Guinness and Harry had a Coke," the manager Grace Davis told Vanity Fair.

"They were very warm and friendly and very happy together. This was their only down time on the tour, and they were chatting the whole time over lunch. They were also very engaging and both of them popped into the kitchen to see our chef Dermot Staunton. Harry told him ‘I hear it’s the best food in Ireland’ and Dermot told him it was, but that he is biased," she added.

We couldn't be more obsessed with her if we tried!