Paris Jackson Instagram

Who knew Paris Jackson was a super-fan of Mortal Kombat?! Apparently the daughter of the King of Pop likes a little role-playing, gaming, and getting dressed up.

Jackson showed off some sweet snaps from Comic-Con and also a kind of scary video on her Instagram Story. PJ revealed she worries about a former friend stalking her and in fact, it brought her to tears. We're not sure why she'd feel the need to publicize a friend who's giving her a hard time -- seems like that might exacerbate the problem -- but who knows. She was enjoying a day at the geek convention when she suddenly felt like talking about something negative ... enough to make her cry. Sad, Paris!

In a series of a clips, Paris explained that she hadn't mentioned the problem earlier because she wanted her friendship with this anonymous person to "end on a positive note" but has since "begged for them to leave me alone."

She goes on to say:

    "Some people are asking about this person that I commented about on Instagram earlier today about how she's stalking me for a while and just to be clear it's been years and I haven't talked s**** this entire time. 'I've tried to be civil, I've tried to be nice, I tried to end things on a positive note. All I asked for is for them to leave me alone and we used to be friends, and that's why I tried to end it on a positive note because I did care about this person, but they just won't and I've begged and begged for them to leave me alone but they won't. 'It's scary and they show a lot of behaviors, even more behaviors that are more scary than the stalker that I got a restraining order against and they just won't stop. I'm not talking s*** about them right now, I'm just putting them out there so people stop believing their lies. I want this person to leave me alone."

Dang! Now we wonder who this is!! Maybe Tiffany Haddish knows!